Small Space Gardening

Last Tuesday the 25th with another lock down looming Renaissance Residents and the friends were treated to a masterclass in small space gardening and indoor plants but Rob Meloury from Horti Couture Landscape Design. The combination of Robs extensive knowledge on all things plants and design along with his easy going nature made the talk enjoyable, informative and more than a little inspirational. There was a small nursery’s worth of door prizes with our newest residents Richard and Janis taking the main prize of a large potted Philodendron – ‘Rojo Congo’ but those that missed out still had the urge to go and plant something or rearrange or re invigorate there existing plants using Robs helpful tips and suggestions.

While Robs talk was fantastic its pretty hard to go past an afternoon tea by Cynthia, the little lemon meringue pies were a personal highlight and I may have had more than 1 or 2 of the little pink icing cupcakes as well.  I had a very light dinner that night to compensate and I don’t think I was on my own.

We will be getting Rob back in his professional capacity to help us in the Renaissance Gardens and ensure we have everything under control and offer us his tips and suggestions so the place stays looking fabulous.  And Cynthia will be back once the rules allow.

Robs notes from his talk are available via this link if you want to have a look or share them with your family and friends.  Most nurseries have a covid safe pick up or delivery available and indoor plants and small courtyard gardening sounds like a great lockdown project!

Stay safe and stay well, until we can have more exciting functions.

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