Renaissance Not Alone In Isolation

Its been a tough time and a scary time for many of us in Melbourne over the last few weeks and as we see things continue to improve as far as case numbers and the virus is concerned we can look back and see what we have been doing and what we can potentially look forward to.

While in stage 4 lock down, things have been pretty quiet in the village with Residents contacting each other by phone and the occasional socially distanced conversation in passing in the common areas. A few have been exercising regularly in pairs, chatting across balconies and some are strolling the courtyard in the sunshine with a cuppa, especially more recently as the weather has improved.

We have also had a few online activities that Robyn B from Amicum (not to be confused with Robyn G our manager) has e-mailed around. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first but gave them a go and found them rather entertaining and engaging in some cases like the National Gallery of Victoria and in others like the railway trips rather soothing and relaxing.
Here are a few of the links we shared so you can have a go also.

National Gallery of Victoria
A great site with virtual tours and descriptions and commentary of the paintings and artists

Phillip Island Penguin Parade
You can watch previous parades or tune in at around 6:15pm to watch the live feed. Its great fun

Train Journeys
There are so many great ones this one is Brienz Rothorn Bahn cog railway in Switzerland

Driving Drive & Listen

If a car is more your style then with this amazing site you can drive through 50 cities around the world. You even get the real street noise and if you like, you can even listen to the local radio station. It takes a bit of clicking about but you can balance the radio and the street noise so its incredibly realistic.

Lastly as we look to come out of our lock down but still remain safe and vigilant, we are hearing a bit about “Social Bubbles” and it looks like something like a Social Bubble may be implemented in Melbourne as our freedoms are returned and we find our “Covid Normal”.

Under this type of system, it would be very conceivable that secure villages with controlled access like Renaissance could form their own “Bubbles” and intra village activities could begin taking place ahead of the wider Melbourne community. BBQ’s Wednesday night dinners, Friday night drinks, Tuesday Morning teas and even the yoga, meditation and fitness classes may be allowable.

Obviously it will be up to the State Government to make the rules but Renaissance Management is actively involved in the Retirement Living Council which is the peak industry body who are liaising with the Stage Government and the DHHS on these issues. We will keep everyone informed as information comes to hand.

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